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Bar & Garden

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Eden Garden at the Bar: Elegance and Nature Merge

Discover the exclusivity of a rare garden at the heart of our establishment, a haven of peace where lush nature and serenity harmoniously blend.

Our garden provides a unique setting, perfect for enjoying a moment of relaxation with a drink at the bar, combining elegance and conviviality.

Let yourself be captivated by this exclusive oasis, where every moment becomes a bucolic escape within our establishment.


Elixir of Elegance, Exceptional Evenings

Our bar is the perfect place for meetings over coffee, quick lunches, or a peaceful day of work.

In the evening, this space transforms into a bar with a separate entrance, offering original cocktails accompanied by delicious dishes made with carefully selected ingredients for their quality and freshness.


Green Oasis in the Heart of Paris

Behind the large windows of the Anouk bar, there extends a small wild garden surrounded by imposing rocks serving as seats on sunny days.

Home to over 30 varieties of plants and adorned with jasmine covering its walls, this garden is an exceptional green haven in the heart of Paris. It proves perfect for a business lunch, a weekend brunch with friends, or an evening drink.


Paris Gourmet: A Culinary Interlude

Experience the exquisite culinary journey of our dining service, where Parisian cuisine meets refined elegance. Our talented chef presents delicate and flavorful dishes, showcasing the authentic flavors of French gastronomy.

And to start your day beautifully, don't miss our exceptional breakfast, available with two options: opt for in-room dining for a gentle awakening, or enjoy it in the comfort of our establishment.

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